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Beyond Product Innovation

We bring product ideas from heads into hands to drive your next wave of growth. We poke, rummage, interrogate and delve into all your product ideas, to help you identify the right ones to pursue.

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Going beyond your innovation

With ideas being everywhere in your organisation, how do you know which ones have the most potential to delight your customers and drive most growth?

Our flexible, timeboxed 6-12 week process helps you identify, and make the case for, your next big bet - one that you can pursue with confidence.

Through this collaborative process, you’ll reach alignment across your organisation on the decisions made and gain assurance on your ability to deliver on it.

How we
do it

Complexity made simple with our proven 4-stage process:

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We throw the door wide open to investigate and gather all available opportunities to solve your customers' pain points.

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We set up a scoring framework through which we prioritise the ideas with the most potential, aligned to your business objectives and product metrics. market.

03 /


We take the best ideas and develop them further.

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Finally, we’ll create concepts for your leading ideas so we can test their effectiveness to justify further investment and development.

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Our four-stage process will unlock new markets, open up new revenue streams and ensure your innovations drive growth. Moving at pace, we’ll have ideas out of your heads and into the hands of your customers.

What you’ll gain from working with us

Taking your people with you

-A comprehensive process that takes all levels of the organisation
with you

-Allows for many contributions

-Makes ideas more feasible

- Results in cohesive backing across silos

Heightened confidence and a strong rationale

-A thorough scoring framework through which you can explain your

- Goals that you can track and measure against

Momentum towards investment

-Develops a strong business case

-Established buy-in

Innovation delivered by our core team of practitioners

Think of us as your extended team to listen, process, design and guide your best ideas through.

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We’ve done this before

We’ve used our Product Innovation process to re-imagine value propositions, introduce new pricing models, prototype new customer-facing apps, satisfy customers’ jobs-to-be-done and prioritise new product features for various leading digital businesses.

See how we've
done it with...

01 — Just Eat

02 — Purplebricks

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It is about breakthrough. You look outwards when you need a breakthrough! We turned to Beyond when we needed new thinking on our product, to move to the next stage in our lifecycle.”

Vic Darvey

CEO of Purplebricks

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